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All our sessions include a FREE digital downloads of your photographs!


But we also offer the prints and products listed below.





To place an order just drop Hannah Elizabeth a message,

samples are avaliable to view at our studio!



6x4" hanging trio £80


P H O T O   B L O C K   T R I O S

P H O T O   B L O C K S   C O L L A G E S 

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Vinatge Love £250

2x –4 inch circle, 2x – 4×6 inch,

2x – 5×7 inch, 2x – 8×8 inch


Big Vintage Love £330

2x – 12×12 inch, 2x – 8×12 inch,

2x – 6×8 inch, 2x – 8 inch circle


The biggest Vintage Love £440

2x – 16×16 inch, 2x – 12×16 inch

2x – 8×12 inch, 2x – 8 inch circle


20x20cm Fine-Art Photobook 5-9 pages £150


20x20cm Fine-Art Photobook 10-18 pages £250

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F I N E   A R T   P H O T O   B O O K S

F R A M E D   P R I N T S




20 x 16 Floaty Frame £150



20 x 20 COLLAGE FRAME £200

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8x12" £55

12x16" £100

16x24" £130



8" £60

12" £80

16" £110



8x8" £50

12x12" £75

16x16" £110

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.07.02 Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.07.12

I N D I V I D U A L   P H O T O   B L O C K S


6x4"accordion trio £80

Photo coming soon

P H O T O   B L O C K   K E E P S A K E   B O X

Keepsake Box

Filled with 25 7x5" prints from your session



Keepsake Box with Matching USB

Filled with  25 7x5" prints from your session



Photo coming soon

Photo coming soon

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