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c l i c k   b e l o w   t o   a c c e s s   t h e   p r e p   g u i d e   f o r   y o u r   s e s s i o n


o u r   c o v i d - 1 9   s t u d i o   r u l e s


- Remove your shoes, coats, prams etc and leave them in the hallway


-Wash your hands before coming in, toilets are in the main enterance


- Scan the QR code in the hallway with your NHS Covid-19 App to check-in


- Only ONE parent to attend the session

(Excluding newborn sessions - up to two parents),

If siblings or a second parent is required to attend for family photos,

please wait in your car, outside or the hallway and only come in when invited.


- Please take all your rubbish home, including nappies & wet wipes


- Please be respectful, keep your distance & don't touch everything in the studio.


- If you are poorly or showing any symptoms, please re-schedule your session



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