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First Birthday Sessions  | £195


The perfect fun way to celebrate your little ones big first birthday, after all turing 1 is a pretty big deal!

So why not preserve the moment with a cake smash & splash session. With this session you choose your colour scheme and we'll provide the cake from my supplier to match, all you have to do is turn up in the party spirit.We have a range of tutu's and nappy covers you're welcome to use - or you can bring your own outfit!

The session will be held in the studio year round with the option of going outdoors June-August.


The session will consist of three parts.

A mini portrait session where I take beautiful portraits of the birthday boy/girl. You provide the outfit for this part of the session, but I do have a collection of rompers & tutus avaliable for your use in the studio if you'd like to use them

During the main cake smash I will take photos of your little one eating, smashing, smooshing and making a mess with their cake.

This is all followed by a splash session where your little one gets to relax in the tub surrounded by fluffy bubbles & washes all that sticky cake off.


To book, just drop us a message via our facebook page & dont forget to check out our FAQ by clicking here

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